Creating A Divine Marriage...

Your Sacred Union With Divine Source and Your Divine Compliment Pairing.™

Enter Your Union With The Divine

My Sacred Union

3 Main Phases

Deep Wounded Child Healing

Your Wounded Child is "driving the bus of your life" and creating "heaven or hell" at the wheel. Now is the time to permanently bring her into Wholeness, opening your heart and experience DEEP lasting, intimate love within yourself and all of your relationships. This is the first step to the Sacred Union.

Deep-Rooted Forgiveness

Forgiveness holds the keys to your Sacred Union with the Divine and with your Beloved. The level you'll go will be deeper than anything you've ever done and will permanently change your ability to love openly and unconditionally which is required to have The Divine Marriage and the dream life that awaits you.

Divine Goddess Alignment

Once you've cleared out, healed and transfigured your energy imprints, the third phase is to align with who you really are and reveal to yourself, to your Beloved and to the world the Divine Goddess that you are, unleashing your creative power, your beauty, your glory and your radiance. Owning your power and birthing Gods.

"Before I started this course, I was terrified to come into my power because I knew I would leave if I wasn't met with that same vibration from my partner and I really didn't want to face that. This course really put the focus on me and my empowerment and with that new strength, I no longer will sacrifice my happiness in order to not be alone. Thankfully though, my partner was open to the growth and we are still together! Working on my own healing has been a huge catalyst for my husband to work on his healing and this weekend we happily celebrate our 3rd year of marriage! This was the first course I took that included group calls and it really was an important aspect for me. I would come to the call with a question or concern and Connie always had just the right thing to say and every time I would tell her "oh I feel so much better, thank you!". Having the other women on the calls helped me so much as well, beyond just the camaraderie, I gained insight to my own questions when I listened to the other women discuss theirs. I would leave the calls uplifted yet grounded and ready to go on to the next step in the course. I would highly recommend the course to anyone who really wants to find the inner power they need to heal themselves and their relationship."

Katie Elderkin
Jewelry Designer

My Sacred Union 12-Month Mastermind

This is a 12-Month journey of DEEP Awakening, Healing, Self-Discovery, Self-Love, Self-Worth, and Self-Value... all needed to have your consistent and primary state-of-Being in Divine Union with Creator. I call this The Sacred UnionThe Divine Marriage™ is Your Sacred Union with the Divine and your Beloved, your Divine Compliment Pairing™  where you will literally experience your version of Heaven on Earth.

Yes! I'm Ready for BIG Change!

My Sacred Union 12-WEEK Intimate

The Intimate Program is for you if you are ready to RAPIDLY and RADICALLY change your life in the shortest amount of time possible. You will work intensely for 12 weeks with Connie in a very small group (10 or less) immersion experience. In addition to the weekly course delivery of the content, you get WEEKLY Group Coaching calls with A TON of individual coaching time along with UNLIMITED access to Connie with private sessions and email support in addition to the group coaching calls and the Private Facebook Group. This is truly an intimate mentoring experience for rapid and DEEP transformation and life affirming positive change.

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