My Sacred Union 12-Month Mastermind Program

This is a 12-Month journey of DEEP Awakening, Healing, Self-Discovery, Self-Love, Self-Worth, and Self-Value... all needed to have a consistent and primary state-of-Being in Divine Union with Creator. I call this The Sacred Union. The Divine Marriage™ is Your Sacred Union with the Divine and your Beloved, your Divine Compliment Pairing™ where you will literally experience your version of Heaven on Earth.

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The Journey Steps

How The Path to Your Sacred Union Will Unfold

Core Wound Healing

The first step is to find the RIGHT "Core Wound" that is keeping you in bondage through the Wounded Child so that you can finally be free of self-sabotage, sadness, and deep pain that has been following you like a "black cloud" throughout your life.

Identify Patterns of Manifestation

The next step is to clearly identify and be FREE of all the ways "ego" has taken over through thoughts, labels, beliefs, and emotions all creating Patterns of Manifestation, which all stem from the Core Wound. You will uncover all the ways your life is operating in the shadow of the unconscious.

Forgiveness Part One

You will go through "Deep-Rooted Forgiveness" through a series of steps and processes that work to RELEASE you completely and permanently from the PAST. My proprietary "multi-layered" approach creates the level of deep healing required to open your heart to unconditional love.

Forgiveness Part Two

The Forgiveness work is the deepest part of the healing journey and is the pathway to the Divine. By "dissolving" this toxic energy from your body permanently at the energy level, you are finally FREE of the bondage of pain, anger and rage that has been "at the wheel" for decades and even lifetimes. Forgiveness is true FREEDOM.

Forgiveness Part Three

You will be Releasing through Forgiveness all who hold the power over you at an unconscious level. You will be guided through a specific process to reveal those who MUST be forgiven in order for you to move forward. Some carry a specific "charge" that must be cleared.

Soul Reverennce

You now arrive at the immensely gratifying, life-changing experience of having a "clear vessel". Now that all the "old" that is no longer serving you is cleared out, it's now time to FILL that VOID SPACE with the Essence of Who you really are...your Divine Feminine to take the lead.

Divine Child Integration

In order for your soul to feel that sense of "wholeness" which opens you to higher wisdom, clarity, trust and empowerment, the fractured Spirit (Wounded Child) must now be fully integrated with the Divine Child that she is, always has been and always will be.

Beloved Sacred Union

The final step of your journey saves the best for last! You will be Creating Divine and Sacred Union with Your Beloved. If you are single, you work with him/her energetically. If  you are with your Beloved you will learn how to be in Divine Partnership.

"Before I met Connie, I felt as if I was in a world all of my own and I was sinking fast. My relationship with my boyfriend was teetering on extinction and I was running out of hope on what to do. I found a link to one of Connie’s videos where she explained how I could not save my relationship, without first saving myself. It was all suddenly so crystal-clear. I had lost myself along this path and my soul was screaming to be heard. I began to work with Connie, and since that day, the program has led me into a deeper understanding of myself, and my purpose. I recognized that I have been walking through my life making one decision after another that have not aligned with my truth: that being what I truly desire and whom I really am. Along this journey, I have learned to listen and hear my inner voice, I am becoming strong enough to honor it, and brave enough to live it. What Connie has done is she has laid out the groundwork, a path if you will, one that can be followed one-step at a time and at my own pace. The healing work and the journey that I am on, it is a solo one… but having Connie right by my side, I know I am never alone."

Deborah Snyderman Rossic
Owner and Chef, Baked

Now Is Your Time

Haven't you suffered enough? Haven't you been through enough? It is YOUR TIME to claim your power, step into your Divine Feminine and BE the Goddess you came here to Be...leading the way for the world and with your Beloved. The Divine Marriage is a Sacred Union you have with the Divine and with all of your relationships. Life is meant to be harmonious and beautiful. Claim your rightful place now. If you feel STUCK and you don't know what to do, if this is right for you, but you KNOW you HAVE to do this work...Book a FREE Call with me Now and let's Talk!

"You have been amazing! You've helped me beyond words. The black cloud no longer follows me. I can't thank you enough. You made me feel so safe and loved through out the whole process, from day 1. I'm truly grateful that we found each other, you've been a blessing in my life and it's flowed through to my family. My husband and I were headed for divorce and now we lead Tantric Couples Workshops and are about to have our third child! xxx"

Melissa Krestensen
Tantra Practitioner

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